In 1990, Harper and Row (an American Publisher) merged with Collins and Sons to become HarperCollins. Overall HarperCollins should neither be considered British or American, but a trans-Atlantic super corporation. Macmillian no longer had the American rights to the books, and HarperCollins took it place. Some books continued to be published in Britain as “Collins”, and not marketed in the United States. Other HarperCollins imprints were marketed only in the United States, such as HarperTrophy. Some HarperCollins editions were marketed both in Britain (and former British Commonwealth nations as Canada and Australia), and in the United States. Most Narnia books published by HarperColllins, and its various imprints over time, have had two separate markets: that of the United States, and that of the rest of the English speaking world, primarily Britain.

Two years previously, in 1988 Zondervan was purchased by Harper & Row, Publishers (San Francisco). Zondervan Publishing (Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a primarily Evangelical book company, to publish Narnia paperback books in the U.S.A. Since all of Zondevan (a.k.a. Zonderkids) Narnia editions states they are HarperCollins or one of its imprints, I will list these books as being HarperCollins, as the physical books state, despite that the majority of Narnia books published in the U.S.A. today are actually printed by Zondervan.

In 1994, new sets of hardback and trade paperbacks were published with covers by Chris Van Allsburg, which contain all of the black and white illustations and maps by Pauline Baynes. Also in the same year of 1994 two more paperback editions were published by HaperCollins featuring covers by Leo and Diane Dillon and then by Cliff Nielsen. The Dillion Covers edition was republished in 2002 with covers by Julek Heller.

1990 Chronicles Lions
1994 HarperCollins Allsburg
1994 Chronicles Dillion covers
1994, 2002 Chronicles Nielsen HarperTrophy
1997 & 1998 Chronicles Ted Smart
1998 Chronicles Diamond Box Set
1998-2001 Chronicles full color pb sets
2000 Wardrobe Collins Modern Classics Series
2001 Chronicles Collins Nielsen
2002 Chronicles Grafton Boxed Set
2002 Chronicles Second Grafton Paperback Set
2005 Chronicles Scholastic boxed set
2005 Chronicles British Adult Series pb
2006 Chronicles Baynes hardback boxed set
2007 Chronicles Weisner covers


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