Special Thanks to the following kind people, whose invaluable
help and contributions make the web site possible.

Alonzi, Carla of HarperCollins Co, UK for her generous help in contacting Narnia publishers in many countries.
Baran, Barbara for her gracious help in providing information and images for various languages.
Berke, Susanne Head of Collection Development &National Bibliographic Centre, National Szechenyi Library, Budapest for detailed bibliographic information on Hungarian translations.
Bernhardt, Dora for information on Hungarian translations.
The Braille Bookstore for their assistance on the Braille texts.
Bravo, Romeo at Adler's Foreign Books for information about Spanish and Portuguese translations.
Bueno, Marta of Destino/Planeta for her very gracious help and assistance with the Spanish Translations.
Chance, Jane for information about Hungarian translations.
Churchill, Rachel of The CS Lewis Company Ltd. for her gracious and invaluable help
Cielava, Ieva Head of the Centre of Information and Bibliographic References of the National Library of Latvia (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka) for her indispensable help.
Cordoso, Manuella of Editorial Presença for her most appreciated helpfulness on Portuguese translations.
Cunningham, Rodger for information about Schwyzertütsch
Deleva, Nadia for her assistance in the bibliographic information of the Bulgarian books.
Eason at Titan Publishing for information about Chinese Translations.
Kim, Jaesung of Han Books for help on Korean translations.
Kimura, Reiko of Iwanami Shoten Co. for bibliographic help on Japanese. translations.
Kocúr, Miroslav for information about Slovak Narnia books.
Kondratiev, Alexei for his indispensable help in preparing the Russian page.
Lauw, Kenneth of Sun Microsystems, Inc. for his technical consultation and assistance in helping building the Web site.
Lloyd Williams, Menna for information about Welsh Narnia books
Mak, Yvonne of Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd. for her much appreciated help on the Chinese translations.
Markusson, Gudmundur of Boksala studenta for his invaluable help with Icelandic translations.
Nolvak, Tiina of Kirjastus Logos for help concerning Estonian translations.
Ozvatic, Simon of the publishers Društvo Mohorjeva Družba for exceptional graciousness amd help concerning the Slovenian translations.
Pancikova, Elena for information concerning Slovak books.
Rottensteiner, Franz for his help related to German translations.
Rusu, Nicoleta of Artimex International for her lively communication regarding Rumanian Translations.
Saulena Manager of Kataliku pasaulio leidiniai, publisher of Lithuanian translations, for bibliographic information.
Sigaba, Nondumiso of Kalahari for help with Afrikaans translations.
Sorknes, Anne Kari for helpful information about Norwegian translations.
Smilde, Arend for help in acquiring Dutch editions, his thorough knowledge of such, and helpful leads, comments and suggestions.
Szalóki, Gabriella Librarian at the National Széchényi Library, Hungary for entry information on Hungarian translations.
Rhys, Gethin or help on Welsh translations.
Todorova, Marija for her invaluable help with the Macedonian translations.
Tulumba.com for their help with Turkish translations.
Van den Bovenkamp-Gordeau, Madeleine for pointing out and helping with correction on the translation work information that she did. It is an honor to have Madeleine providing us the correction on her work. She is the first translator who we have the privilleage to work with.
Weinberg, Phillip for his indespensable help on the Hebrew translations.
Wraak, Catharina of Carlsen Bonnier for information about Swedish translations.
Veslec of Pingvinite for bibliogrphic information on Bulgarian translations.
Vitzizzai, Tristana of Mondadori Children's Books for her very gracious and helpfulness with the Italian Translations.
Zemaitis, Kestutis for the important information he provided on the Lithuanian page.


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