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C.S. Lewis

This is a greatly refigured and enlarged website that has taken nearly a year to complete. We have now added a new logical half to the Foreign Translations of Narnia: The English Languages Editions. There are far more English editions than any single foreign language editions, therefore one single English page would not do. The English Editions section is divided into broad sub-categories that make viewing and locating easier.

This new section was sparked by several viewers who said something like “Wouldn't it be great if there was also an English editions web page.” After an initial reluctance, due to the wealth of work involved, I saw the benefit of this and began to compile. The great majority of the English editions listed are from my personal collection, as I have been collecting every separate Narnia edition I have known about for three decades. Those marked with a * after the year of publication in a listing means it is part of my collection. I would greatly appreciate viewers to inform me of omissions or corrections in the website

This website is a “labor of love” with no thought of financial gain, and all costs are paid by myself. Its purpose is of educational and bibliographic research purposes, to be presented in a visually pleasant way. Initial reactions would be appreciated.

As you will see in the English Editions half of the website, 2005 was a year with many Narnia editions connected with the release of the film: The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe. I expect that there will be many film connected books related to Prince Caspian in 2008. We know that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is under production, so new special editions can be expected periodically for the foreseeable future.

The publicity over the The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe film also motivated publishers in some foreign languages with no prior Narnia translations to produce them. Some of these languages are publishing the series slowly, volume by volume, and are not yet finished. Just as in English editions, we may anticipate new editions from foreign publishers for quite a long time.
After seeing all the English and Foreign editions, one can appreciate how much the Narnia books are loved and enjoyed world wide, and how well the Narnia books are permanently regarded as superb exemplars of great story writing..

Enjoy, and contact us with your comments and feedback.

— Glen GoodKnight, Compiler and Webmaster

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